30th November 2011


Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes Win Again at Macau


Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) are race winners again – after Phillip Yau’s KC Racing Nissan R35 GTR won the Suncity Group Macau Road Sport Challenge earlier this month, with the bulletproof PPG R35 GTR helical six-speed gear set installed.


The recent Macau Road Sport Challenge win – adding to wins across many motorsport disciplines across the globe, from drag strip to rallying, hill climb to world Time Attack – confirms what a bulletproof, low inertia alternative to the standard Nissan R35 GTR gearset the PPG kit is, like the rest of the global Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes product range.


Yau’s emphatic win, against some of the best Road Sport Challenge cars in Asia, was achieved using the reliable, durable, slick and quiet Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) "Off the shelf" Heavy Duty 1-6 Helical Synchro Gearset. The lightweight Nissan R35 GTR kit is available as a full six-speed helical synchro kit, or as a separate 1st gear helical synchro kit, and is suitable for motorsport, tuned street cars or regular road using Nissan GTR’s.


Utilizing the standard Nissan ratios, this exciting, “off the shelf” PPG R35 GTR kit is a direct fitment and requires no re-programming to fit into a Nissan GTR. The gears are trademark, class-leading PPG quality, with additional heat-treated components, allowing optimal transmission performance for the dual clutch GTR gearbox – whether for street tuning, circuit racers or everyday driving use. Performance, reliability and slick and quiet operation come as standard with PPG gear kits.


Hong Kong’s Phillip Yau drove his PPG-equipped Nissan R35 GTR to victory by 3.452 seconds in the Suncity Group Macau Road Sport Challenge, ahead of Japan’s Tatsuya Tanigawa in a Mazda LA-SE3P RX-8 and Kenneth Look, also of Hong Kong, in a Subaru Impreza GDB.


The 10-lap race, held at the 3.8-mile Guia ‘street’ Circuit in Macau, is only 22.8 feet (7 m)
wide in places and is reputed to be one of the most challenging circuits in the world. It contains a frightening and challenging combination of long, seriously fast straights, quick sweepers and sharp corners – perfect territory for Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes.


Yau’s R35 GTR qualified in forth and had a nightmare race start – stalling on the grid – but fought his way back through the 34-car field, into a two-way battle for victory with pole-sitter Nattavude Charoensukhawatana of Thailand, driving a Mitsubishi Evolution 9, with Yau passing him to victory on lap nine. The PPG Nissan R35 GTR helical gear set proved both reliable and rapid, aiding Yau to victory.


Simon Pfitzner, Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes said: “We are really pleased for KC Racing (PPG Asia Distributors) and Phillip Yau on their excellent Macau win, against some of the best road sport racing cars and teams in the sport. And we know a large part of that success is down to our incredible PPG R35 GTR helical six-speed gear kit.


“The R35 GTR Pfitzner kit – like all our championship winning products – is proving to be effective, durable, reliable and dominant in all forms of motorsport. And Phillip Yau’s win in Macau adds further evidence to this case. The kit is a straight forward “off the shelf” fit, is incredible value and we believe, is the best on the market. Why buy anything else? Fit what wins… PPG.”


Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes are a global company, with markets in USA, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia. PPG make championship-winning products for some of the world’s fastest competition cars:


The PPG R35 GTR helical six-speed gear set retails at $11,000 AUD. Find out more about Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes on our new Facebook page,