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Choosing the right gearset for your 5 Speed WRX

1994-current 5 speed WRX Owners take note

Subaru Gearboxes have an unusual variation in the manufacture of 1st and 2nd gear and 3rd and 4th gear on a different year that can cause problems when fitting gearsets. Its therefore very important you know what year gearbox you have in your car. This has become difficult at times as most Subaru owners are now buying a PPG gearset after breaking a few standard gearboxes and they may have replaced the gearbox with an entire gearbox from a different year model vehicle.

Please CLICK on  the information below before ordering:


Try to let us know what year model your gearbox is and we can supply the right part 1st time with everything you need to fit the set straight into the casing without modifications.

Straight Cut Gearset

The Straight Cut gear design incorporating our PPG distinctive tooth profile provides even more strength than our already ultra reliable helically cut gearsets. One of our more popular items... the Subaru WRX straight cut set can be found in vehicles with over 600hp. A far cry from the standard power output from factory and certainly a power level that needs a gear box of phenomenal strength to get power to the ground without failure.

Straight cut gearsets are relatively noisy in operation and have an inherent whine to them. This is due to the meshing of the teeth when the gears are rotating.

The meshing of straight cut teeth gives total contact along the tooth at all times which gives the straight cut tooth its added strength over the helically cut tooth. See the Image below of a 600+HP Subaru WRX Straight Cut "Dog Box"

Helically Cut Gearset

PPG helically cut gearsets are our most popular product. Mainly used to transmit extreme power to the road in highly modified street cars. They are usually purchased by those wanting less gear noise than a Straight Cut gearset. Our Helical sets do produce slightly more gear noise than a standard factory gearset as a result of a purely motor sport based gear design which makes necessary compromises in regards to gear noise, to achieve un-compromised strength.

Synchromesh Engagement (Synchro ‘box)

PPG Synchromesh Gearsets enable factory style gear selection to be incorporated into your Helical or Straight Cut Gearbox. The Synchro’ Box is mainly used for street applications. At PPG we make the Synchromesh hubs considerably stronger than factory components and incorporate our high quality materials and heat treating processes into the finished product ensuring durability you can rely upon for years to come. We do not make synchro rings. These must be purchased from your Subaru Dealer.

Dog Engagement (Dog ‘box)

Essentially a "race only" style of gear engagement, this has become more and more popular for highly modified street cars. Dog Engagement gear selection is available on either Helical or Straight cut PPG Gearsets for a variety of applications. And a combination of Dog and Synchro’ is available on our Subaru sets.

Providing fast, positive gear selection, with or without the use of clutch. The PPG Dog Engagement gear sets are undoubtedly the strongest and most “user friendly” on the market. However it should be pointed out that Dog Engagement Gearsets require fast, firm gear selection and are quite noisy on each gear change.