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Nissan S13 SR20 Helical Gearsets

PPG Has recently added an exciting new product to its collection of high performance gearsets. The Nissan SR20 Drift/Drag sets to suit SR20 powered Nissans are available in Helical cut only and as synchromesh or full dog engagement.

These are close ratio sets, offering improved acceleration and optimum gearing for drift/drag.

The Helical gear design offers better gear lubrication in the Nissan Gearbox casing versus a traditional straight cut gear when in Drift conditions where gearbox oil surge is encountered and the vehicle does high rpm in one gear for long periods of time.

"When it comes to a strong driveline, capable of taking a beating, look no further than PP Gearboxes. All the top Australian Drift racers are using these boxes, and most importantly... they are winning! PP Gearboxes have revolutionized driveline reliability in Australian Drift circles, making more cars finish on top. If your looking for a kick ass box, PP Gearboxes is the logical choice" - Racin Jason O'Halloran, Toyo Tyres Drift Australia Series Commentator. SBS/Fox Sports Drift Commentator

PPG are offering the set as a 1-4th gear which retains the stock 5th gear and reverse. As most Drift/Drag cars only use the 1st four gears with 4th being 1:1 ratio, this set offers an affordable solution to those encountering the common factory gearbox problems of 3rd gear failure as well as selector fork and synchro failure. Billet steel selector forks and an uprated output shaft for super high horsepower applications are available as options. As the factory alloy forks are a known weak point in the standard Nissan SR20 gearbox, its suggested that our Billet forks be purchased, even for use with the synchromesh gearsets.


All SR20 gearboxes have a "sandwich plate" in between the casing sections. On early types this has many holes to allow oil to move from the front to rear and vice versa. Nissan reduced the amount of holes in this plate and eventually went to a gated "trapdoor" type system on S14 gearboxes. This was done to solve a lubrication issue in early type gearboxes. Under drifting and motorsport situations the oil will have a tendency to sit in the rear section of the gearbox and thus starve certain gears of oil in the front section, particularly 3rd and 4th gear. This is a NISSAN design fault. It is imperitive that you ensure you use a late type sandwich plate or you block the oil holes to the rear of the gearbox to stop oil surge as per the picture to RIGHT. Please contact sales@ppgearbox.com.au should you have any questions. PPG will not warrant any SR20 sets that show signs of insufficient lubrication.

PPG Synchromesh Gearsets enable factory style gear selection to be incorporated into your Hardcore PPG Gearbox. The Synchro’ Box is mainly used for street applications. At PPG we make the Synchromesh gears attached to the driven gear considerably stronger than factory components and incorporate our high quality materials and heat treating processes into the finished product ensuring durability you can rely upon for years to come.

Dog Engagement (Dog ‘box)

Essentially a “race only” style of gear engagement, this has become more and more popular for highly modified street cars. Dog Engagement gear selection is available on either Helical or Straight cut PPG Gearsets for a variety of applications. And a combination of Dog and Synchro’ is available on our Subaru sets.

Providing fast, positive gear selection, with or without the use of clutch. The PPG Dog Engagement gear sets are undoubtedly the strongest and most “user friendly” on the market. However it should be pointed out that Dog Engagement Gearsets require fast, firm gear selection and are quite noisy on each gear change with a noticeable "clunk" when the dogs engage the next gear. Not suggested for slow driving in traffic. Clutchless shifting of gears and flat shifting on the rev limiter or engine cut is possible with these sets. This means zero turbo lag and boost drop on gearchanges. See the video of a Mazda Dog set in operation on the home page.