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Below are a list of frequently asked questions, for further information please contact one of our premium distributors or contact PPG directly. 

Are dog engagement gearsets suitable for street daily driving applications?

It is a common misconception that you are not able to drive a dog engagement gearset on the street as a daily-driver. The reality is that you can. 

PPG dog gearsets provide fast, positive gear selection, with or without the use of clutch. The PPG Dog Engagement gear sets are undoubtedly the strongest and most “user friendly” on the market. However it should be pointed out that Dog Engagement Gearsets require fast, firm gear selection and are quite noisy on each gear change. Check out our "driving a dog box" video in the media section of this website for further explanation and example.

I don't see a gearset suitable for my gearbox, are custom gearsets offered?

PPG offers custom work for gearsets not previously developed, it is an extremely popular choice for enthusiasts who have rare and exotic vehicles where upgrades are difficult to find.
Usually PPG will require the full transmission for the design engineers to examine and design a strengthened replacement, upon manufacture the gearset will be tested and upon approval, installed into the donor gearbox casing and returned to the owner.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, the warranty extends to all our range and can be downloaded from this website for further reading. Of course, if any problems do occur with our products, subject to our terms and conditions, PPG endeavors to help wherever possible to get our customers back on the road as soon as possible. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We strongly recommend purchasing through our distribution network, but if this is not possible PPG can sell direct to the general public. For Australian customers we accept bank transfer, credit card, Cash on pick up and cheque (subject to clearance). For international customers we only accept direct debit bank transfers. 

Can I send my gearbox to PPG for installation of the PPG gears?

Yes, we have a full-time assembly technician at our facility who performs all installs. We require the full gearbox to be sent to us for examination before proceeding to install the PPG gearset. (please note: all assemblies must be discussed and approved by PPG before sending full gearbox to PPG)

I want to be a dealer of PPG products, how can I find out more?

PPG is always interested in forming new business partnerships all over the world, and welcome approaches by companies who share our values and passion for motorsport. Further information can be requested from our sales and marketing department. 

Are sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes we do offer sponsorships throughout the year, in fact we pride ourselves on our continued commitment to various race disciplines via sponsorship "supporting the sport, that supports us". Please email sales and marketing for more information.