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**New** 1-6th Helical Synchro Gear Set

Lamborghini Gallardo 6-Speed Helical-Cut Synchro Gear Set

Supplied Exclusively By Dallas Performance LLC USA  

Over recent years Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes has developed a range of
gear sets for vehicles generically known as Supercars. The philosophy
behind this programme is to provide owners with an opportunity to ensure
performance is not compromised by the transmission, whether the car is
used on the road or track, or is subject to an engine upgrade that - in
the case of a Supercar - can represent a huge increase in power output.

One of the most iconic brands in this up-market arena is Lamborghini, with
the company¹s most popular and recognisable model, the Gallardo - produced
from 2003 - featuring a 5-litre V10 mid-mounted engine, coupled to a
four-wheel-drive transaxle and front final-drive transmission system
manufactured by Italian firm Graziano.
Whilst the combination of power and traction offers a sublime driving
experience, the stresses generated increase the risk of failiure under
heavy load. In response, PPG offers a 6-speed, helical-cut, synchromesh
upgrade, thus enabling the gearbox to handle more power.

PPG's unique helical design provides a greater surface area across the
face of each tooth and means the system is stronger and operates more
quietly than that of a straight-cut gearbox. Added to this, the engagement
requires far less effort than any other system on the market and, as well
as reduce driver fatigue, provides faster shift speeds and a more positive
change - attributes that are prevalent throughout the PPG?range.

Fit and function

All PPG products are designed, developed and manufacturered for use in
motorsport. The use of top-quality materials, a billet steel mainshaft and
PPG's unique heat-treatment process, means that Pfitzner's 6-speed
helical-cut synchro set is capable of handling engine outputs of up to
The PPG gear set is available in H-pattern or e-shift format for use with
stick or paddle-shift controls. It is designed to directly replace the
internal workings of the standard Graziano gearbox and therefore, drops
straight into the original casings. Consequently, no modifications have to
be made to the clutch, driveshafts, mountings and mating surfaces.

Quality comes as standard

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox has earned a reputation for producing the
most durable automotive gear sets in the world. This accolade has been
achieved through innovative design coupled with technologically advanced
engineering and manufacturing.
Before every product is offered for sale, each is put through an extensive
test and development programme. This has seen participation in demanding
conditions, such as those encountered in Endurance sports car racing, the
World Rally Championship, Drag Racing and Time Attack - plus a range of
other motor sports where durability is the key to success.
PPG is proud of its reputation for using only the best quality materials.
This includes high-grade aerospace quality steel and its carefully guarded
method of heat-treating surfaces - a process that gives PPG components
their unique and outstanding virtues.

Pfitzner's continuous reinvestment and ISO 9001-2008 accreditation ensures
it maintains the quality of its products throughout its manufacturing
processes, features that endorse the company's envied position as the
world¹s leading supplier of high performance gear sets.

Benefits of fitting a PPG gear set

  • Strength and durability
  • Designed to handle significant increases in power
  • Integration with OE components
  • Pfitzner's renowned effortless and positive shifting
  • Fast gear-change means minimal drop in RPM
  • Positive selection reduces risk of missed gears
  • Compatible with motorsport ECU systems
  • Continual development of new products

Gear set specification

  • Aerospace grade steel used for all gears
  • Components undergo PPG's unique heat treatment process to ensure strength, durability and longevity
  • Precision engineered tooth profile
  • Perfect fit into original manufacturer's gearbox casing
  • Original linkage, clutch slave cylinder, driveshaft and ancillaries can be retained
  • Wider gears to give greater surface-area contact
  • Billet mainshaft for increased strength

Ratios: 2.563-1.850-1.423-1.138-0.939-0.806

**New** 1-6th Helical Synchro Gear Set